When real life interactions are compromised by Instagram push notifications, and conversations are instantly consolidated into 140 characters for Twitter, there’s no denying that we are truly existing in a digital age. Which makes us question, is there really a difference between life online versus live offline? Our constant fascination of the pixelations on our screens, as opposed to what is happening in the ‘real world’ — it’s no wonder that there is a definite blur in the boundaries of URL and IRL.
Inspired by shifts in human interaction, which the project draws symbolism from Internet culture (e.g. texting, memes, selfies, etc.) and incorporates traditional iconography (such as Michelangelo’s “THE CREATION OF ADAM”) to depict these cultural changes. The design and photographs were used on the Kastor & Pollux and Felix Cartal Instagram channels, promotional materials such as tour posters, and on the Felix Cartal’s website.
We photographed anonymous figures as representations of our obsession with the Internet to capitalize on the continual divide of the “online” vs. “offline”. A highlight of our built friendships and relationships — arguably tangible — connections we’ve created that live somewhere on the Internet. In doing so, we try to re-claim this narrative of our alleged adversity to human connection, our self-awareness and obsession, and the way technology is intertwined in everything we do.
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