In his 1964 book “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man”, Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the medium is the message”. Thus, this room – inspired by the act of protest – focuses on language as a medium.

Using a stark white room as my canvas, I created a series of text designs that invade and envelope the space – melding surveillance with gallery. In our current sociopolitical climate, I wanted to create a discourse about participation, and probe the audience to question what it really means to be an active participant in our communities. Through typography, I demonstrate that our identities are largely shaped and controlled by our surroundings.

By understanding a music festival as a public space, I made sure to design an environment that would be engaging to a wide audience - regardless of taste or preference. 
To create maximum impact, I used graphic design and photography to create 2D designs and 3D manipulations using powerful (and empowering) concepts like RESIST, REVOLUTION, and "MY BODY MY CHOICE". The mixture of techniques allowed me to dynamically juxtapose flat and dimensional designs with dramatic scales and forms. Using these assets, I then art directed the physical installation at the festival.
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